DISI Homes
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We are in the housing business, specializing in rush and mega projects, with the following Business Paradigm:

  • Adapting to the age of “SPEED”
  • Beyond “TECHNOLOGY”
  • Into realm of "COUNSEL”

Current Status

  • Accelerated development of residential projects:

    • Delivering in tranches of 300 units/month/operation
    • Completing 100,000 units in new towns in 36 months
    • Large projects will be constructed in increments of 3,000 units in 17 months
  • Current contracts on hand:
    • 78,500 units with funding secured for $13 Billion
  • Capable of concurrent operation for 26 towns of 3,000 units each
  • Method statement

    1. Development of housing projects on turnkey basis of Design, Finance & Build
    2. Normal construction job converted into manufacturing job
    3. Constructing of buildings by stacking up concrete modules
    4. Modules made in fashion of “Offsite prefabrication and Onsite assembly”, utilizing hybrid technology of the precast concrete and the manufacturing housing of DISI SYSTEM

    Credential of DISI SYSTEM

    • Accredited by regulatory Authorities of 7 countries
    • System reviewed by Harvard University
    • Patented and Trade Secrets protected
    • 14 Award winning
    • Track records of 5,800 units
    Email: disimrmc@hotmail.com
    Phone: (1808) 372 2559 Hawaii
      (97150) 504 9187 UAE